Sunday, 20 March 2016

cross stitch progress

 Unfortunately I have been poorly all week, started Monday, managed to give my hypnosis session but felt rotten. Felt rotten all week, bad head cold. Dear hubby went down with man flu on Friday.  I managed to work a week but spent most of Saturday in bed, we both did. Feeling better today but Phillip still pretty poorly. Thought I'd show you a stitching up date as it's been a while. I have done the yellow bobbin, two safety pins and the chalk.

The new blouse is cut out, it was a bit of a trial as it was missing a selvedge edge so had to draw grain lines and cut edge piece individually. 

Hope you are all well and doing plenty of what you like. 


  1. So sorry to hear you both haven't been feeling very well - hope it soon goes away and you recover quickly.

    Your stitching is coming along really well - love seeing all the different motifs appearing each update.

    Good luck with your new sewing project.

    Linda x

  2. Hey my friend - I am so sorry you have been feeling poorly and hope you are feeling better as well as Phillip. You are doing a great job on your cross stitching and can't wait to see more. hoping to get an email to you in the next few days to catch you up on what's going on over here in our world (it has been so crazy) Big HUGS - Love Janet