Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Feedback on my blouse

My tutors very kindly gave me some feedback today on my blouse:-

Just to explain I do have a 7mm difference in my right and left sides and wear a 3mm insert in my she (given to me by my physio).  The shoes I had on I didn't have my insert in and I had done a shoulder adjustment but maybe not quite enough.  I am really pleased with their comments and still feel very proud of my achievements.  With regard to the clinging of the fabric, it is cotton and quite heavy, of course I could loose a pound or two which would help LOL !

Pati Palmer & Melissa Watson replied:
Great job!! It is so close to perfect. Is it a cotton? If so, it may not be falling as smoothly as you'd like because it is clinging to the pant fabric. That solution would be to make it looser or ignore it. You have one shoulder lower than the other causing a slight diagonal wrinkle in the back. If next time you lift that side by taking a 1/4" deeper seam at the outside of the shoulder to nothing at the neck, they will disappear. Lower the underarm the same amount. Hope this helps.

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  1. It's always nice to receive positive and constructive feed back - I think you did amazingly well. Linda x