Wednesday, 23 March 2016

New Start.....Joyful World SAL

I've made a start but I'm finding the change from Aida to linen a bit eye crossing. I haven't got the colours suggested but have a lot of colours and I'm sure it's not crucial a long as I like them.

I started with January and will try and get it finished over Easter


  1. So glad you have made a start and it doesn't matter if you're not using the suggested colours so long as you like your own choices. You'll soon get used to stitching on the linen - I love working with linen as it's so much softer than aida. I am sure you will have this finished before too long. Linda x

  2. The most crucial thing is that You like the colors. I often use what I have on hand. Linen gets easier as your go. I do use a magnifier. Looking forward to seeing your WIPS.