Sunday, 13 March 2016

The Blouse is finished....

Here it is, finally finished, I think when I post it up my tutors will have some comments to make re improvements but I'm so pleased with myself I can't tell you. 

It's been a long learning curve but I've really enjoyed it. I've struggled at times but what a brilliant course. Melissa Watson and Pati Palmer are excellent tutors and I just love Craftsy.

Thanks for your never ending encouragement

K x


  1. Wow your blouse looks amazing and so do you wearing it. Love, love the colour - well done on a fantastic job.

  2. WOW. First thing I thought when I saw your picture ---Is that the blouse? Oh WOW.. I must say. I think it is amazing. Your darts are GREAT..

    Job well done - that deserves a huge pat on the back...

  3. Karen, this is BEAUTIFUL. that color looks AMAZING on you - GREAT job.