Friday, 4 March 2016


Sorry it's been a busy old week.   Monday morning I spent at the local construction college (I do some voluntary work down there - the session on Monday was doing mock interviews with the full time students, I really enjoyed it).  Monday evenings I give a hypnosis session to someone (I qualified some years ago but don't have much chance to practice with working in the business full time and the sessions I do do are free of charge).

The rest of the week galloped by with one thing and another.

I have made a bit of progress, I finished the sewing machine back stitching - really pleased with how it looks and managed to complete the knitting needles.  The pink is the next picture which is a ball of wool.

The blouse is really coming on - I am hoping to get the sleeves in this weekend.  Buttons have been purchased ready.  It's Mother's Day this Sunday and both Mum's are coming for lunch so I may not make it into my sewing room for my usual Sunday fix but I am hoping to at least get some time in there to move the project on.

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  1. Considering how busy your week has been you've done really well to finish a couple more motifs on your sampler. Enjoy Mother's Day x