Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Joyful World Update

Sorry I have been missing, my Father in Law has been seriously ill in hospital, came out and then went back in again with a big infection, thankfully he came out yesterday and hopefully he will now stay out.  Also sadly we had a bereavement as well, a dear friend of ours, so it's been a bit of a sad time just recently. 

I did manage to get April finished but not until late on Sunday night which was the 1st of May, I would have loved to have got finished by the end of April, but hopefully I will do better for May!

I changed my bunny to grey in memory of my girl bunny Dusty who as literally grey, she had a beautiful mate called Biffa who was very dark brown and I was kind of tempted to do two bunnies instead of a squirrel but in the end stuck with the design. I have changed some of the colours as I didn't have the ones on the list but I see on the SAL that people are changing things here and there so I wasn't over worried.

Here is the beginning of May already started which I worked on yesterday whilst it was raining - typical bank holiday Monday.  I got the border done first as I find that bit fairly easy to do and I do like to get that bit of out of the way.  I see some people on the SAL aren't doing the border, I kind of wish I hadn't done it either as it does take a while but no going back now LOL. 

So hoping to get May done BEFORE the end of May, although I have just been asked to play the organ in our village church at Even song on the 5th of June so will be practicing like mad for that!

We spent two days of the Bank Holiday painting the telephone box in our village as it has been adopted by the village.  We made the shelving units inside at our joinery company which also includes space for a defibrillator, which funds have been raised for.   We had help from our friends on Saturday for rubbing down and undercoating and then Sunday it was just Phillip and I painting the top coat.  Some of the glass is being changed and the word telephone is being replaced with it's new name "Tollard Tardis"

   It was amazing how many of the village came to have a look and say hello - but funny enough no one offered to pick up a brush and help! 

Do you like our lovely gold crowns?


  1. What a great project - Your telephone box. That's pretty cool. I love the changes to your bunny and I am glad you are making it personal to you. I think we all change colors now and again and charts to make them ours

  2. Wonderful update! I love your grey bunny ;)

  3. I hope your father in law stays out of hospital and starts his recovery to good health. You have certainly had lots on your mind without worrying about the SAL but what progress you made over the weekend. The telephone box looks fabulous.

  4. Your telephone box looks absolutely great, A wonderful idea to keep these old things going. Nice finish on the April installment.