Tuesday, 17 May 2016

For Keith

Yesterday was the funeral of a good friend of ours - he was in his 70's and was like a Dad to me.  Sue his lovely wife (and also like an extra Mum) asked me to do something for the funeral.  I decided to write a poem and I thought you might like to read it.  He was diagnosed with dementia 3 years ago.

I managed to read it beautifully (I lecture 16-18 year old boys at the local construction college and they are a tough crowd so I've learnt over the years to distance myself from what is going on around me so that I can keep my emotions in check).

I also did the speech at the Wake which was a more light hearted affair and raised some laughs.  The crematorium was packed which is a fitting tribute to both Sue and Keith.   (Streets Meadow is the care home in Wimborne that looked after Keith for the last 10 months of his life and they did a wonderful job)

Farewell ~ Keith Dumbleton

You know I didn't mean to go,
I'd stay forever I love you so
My mind was fading and a darkness came,
things just didn't seem to be the same.

The smallest thing became a chore,
why - when I could do them all before?
Putting on socks, and making tea,
all became too hard for me.

As dementia took hold my world became small
With Sue by my side, she managed it all
I know it was difficult, and took all her strength
I thought of our vows and all that they meant

Time went on, Streets Meadow became home,
so much kindness I was shown
My dignity preserved, it was not a chore,
I could not have asked for any more.

People came, people went,
my frustration I would vent,
My Sue still came every day,
my Son Paul helped along the way.

I was never short of visitors popping by
They'd stay for a chat or just a quick "hi"
I felt very special - enfolded in care
I may not have shown it, but I knew you were there.

I sensed your never ending love,
your understanding - beyond and above.
Surrounded by compassion every single day,
those feelings so strong - they never went away.

Sue, I've gone from this life, this is true,
but I'm still here inside of you
In each heartbeat our love combined,
in your soul, and in your mind.

In the darkest hour, when you are sad,
remember me, and be truly glad
For our time together, the love and fun,
for us, our life and Paul our son

For our wonderful grandsons Scott & Jake,
for future memories you will make
And as life goes on, I will still be a part,
always remaining within your heart.

Hold no guilt that I am gone,
the place I go is a better one
Where minds are free and spirits soar,
and pain and suffering are no more.

I've had a blessed and happy life,
a loyal, caring and loving wife
A son I'm so proud of, grandsons I love,
and now I'll watch you from above.

I'm sitting with our dear one's passed
Enveloped in a love, built to last
When your time to join us is finally here
We'll all be waiting, have no fear.

I touched your lives, that I know,
sad though I am, I have to go
I will live on in heart and mind,

as gentle Keith, so sweet and kind.


  1. This is so wonderful. I became a little emotional while reading this. My mom suffered from dementia and other related illness and this very good.

  2. This is so wonderful. I became a little emotional while reading this. My mom suffered from dementia and other related illness and this very good.

    1. Thank you Melinda, so sorry about your Mom it's a cruel disease K x

  3. Absolutely gorgeous Karen xxx

  4. That is a great tribute to your friend Keith and his family. Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers.