Tuesday, 21 June 2016

After horrible rain all day yesterday in the evening the sun came out and we took our evening walk up towards Wingreen.  It still looked a bit stormy on the coast but it was warm and sunny and a tad humid with all the rain evaporating from the ground.  Another 3 miles clocked up for the challenge.

This morning I had some left over bread so took Barney on the River walk in Wimborne along the Allen.  There were lots of ducks to feed, some moor hens and a family of swans.  They appreciated the bread very much.  It was a beautiful walk and a gorgeous morning.

Finally I wanted to show you a tiny flight of paddle stairs we have just made in the joinery shop - aren't they super diddy and super cute.  We make a lot of stairs but I think these ones get the prize for being the cutest and smallest.  You can find us at www.churchviewjoinery.com or on Facebook if you want to have a look at what we do.

I will be glad when the referendum is over - I am sick of the back biting and squabbling over it - the very things they promised it wouldn't be... as far as I am concerned it's been one big bun fight!

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