Monday, 6 June 2016

The Big Challenge has started!

Wiltshire County Council have a challenge running at the moment for individuals or teams to walk, run, swim or cycle a number of miles/KM to mark the Rio Olympics.

Our team is called Team Tollard and we have:-

Phillip - my husband
My Mum (she's 72 and cycles at least 100 miles a week - I know pretty impressive)
My sister Louise
Our friends Kay and her partner Brian
Our  friend Carol
Our friend Steve.

On Saturday we took Mum, and Sue (our recently widowed friend) to Mottisfont Abbey to meet with my sister Lou and Andy.  We had a lovely day and managed to clock up some miles for the team. Phillip and I also added another 3 miles each when we got home.  Mum added 10 miles of cycling in the evening.

Sunday Mum went off and did 26 miles on her bike !  Phillip and I, Kay and Brian and Carol had breakfast at the golf club and headed off with Trevor and Tristan (Carol's hubby and son) and walked 10.63 miles - stopping off at Six Penny Handley for a cold drink, it was lovely a lot of it was in the woods which was cool as it was a beautiful day.   Lou and Andy walked too (they clocked up 4 miles).  I've yet to hear from Steve as to what he got up to with Hector.

We are ranked second in the leader table - the challenge is 2016km between 4th of June and 29th of July to get your gold medal.  I think we will do more than that with Mum on board !

It was a great weekend, enjoyed Mottisfont and Sue really enjoyed it too and Sunday was smashing being out with our friends and the dogs.  It was topped off with a meal in Wimborne with Sue and her son Paul and her grandson Jake.


  1. Good luck to you and your team with the challenge.

  2. Your Mom is my hero. Seriously!!!!!

  3. Good luck to all of you with your challenge x