Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Another card

I'm having a total freak out !  

My on line calendar does not appear to be reminding me in time for birthdays !  I have gone through them all and checked they are on the relevant "email X days before" which should help and if the person hadn't come into work yesterday (he is a customer and friend) and mentioned it was his 60th at the end of the week I would have totally missed his birthday.

I am really tempted to go back to putting things in my desk diary - I thought the electronic repeating every year would be great but honestly I live in fear of missing people's birthdays!

I think this is card No. 6 since my pledge not to buy any (although I did have to buy one whilst on holiday - a sympathy one which wouldn't wait).

K xx


  1. It's good to see you making cards again. I prefer the paper diary rather than modern technology. x

    1. me too if I am honest Linda, far less to go wrong LOl