Thursday, 25 August 2016

August is finished.... but I am going to change that cream butterfly to a blue one

August is finished but the butterfly on the top left is coming out and a blue one is going in there I am afraid.  It's bugging me how pale it is (ha ha excuse the pun - bugging me... bug get it).

I prefer my flowers on the right hand side and I made my sunflowers more blush than yellow because of the colour of my linen.

Sorry about the rubbish photos, they were taken on my phone in a hurry this morning.

We are on our summer shutdown next week so I am hoping to get some R&R to start September as I really would like to keep on top of the current month.

I have had a sneak peak at September and it's super cute.

If I could go back in time I would do a couple of things different:-
1.  I would not do any borders at all around each month - I've seen it on the Facebook page without borders and it looks really super and I do find the borders a bit tedious.
2. I would not do four lines of stitching under each animal - again find that a bit tedious, but hey ho, have to keep going with it now. 
3. Darker linen - I did order what I thought was darker but it came in the post and couldn't change it. It makes the light colours almost impossible. 

Have a great bank holiday weekend all

k x


  1. Well done on getting this completed by the end of the month, love your flowers. I've still yet to start August. It's certainly a learning curve with regards to fabrics and colours of threads, but on the whole very enjoyable.

  2. I think this looks beautiful, but I can understand why you would do it without the borders. And I also agree - you could get away with less grass under the animals I have downloaded these, but have not started them and I think I will take your ideas into consideration.. I will not stitch them all on one piece of fabric. I know that for sure.

  3. Great finish for this month, Karen. You were doing great with all the changes you made. I haven't started this SAL yet because I'm not sure if I want to have it on one piece of linen or on individual pieces. And I love both versions - with and without the border. So I will have to make a decision.

  4. this is AMAZING Karen. You are doing so great on this piece. Can't wait to see Septembers :)