Monday, 26 September 2016

October is finished !

October's cute hedgehog and snail got slightly redesigned with their colours.  For the hedgehog back I used two different strands of colour and I wanted to make the snail shell stand out more so made that more of a humbug snail as I lovingly call them.

I also added some leaves to the plant stem on the other side as I thought it looked a bit lacking.  As you can see I have started the border for November.  It's my intention to get the border done before the 10th of November so I can get straight on with the picture.  If I have spare stitching time I'll do the December border too.

These are two of my favourite things that I have in my garden but the hedgehogs eat the snails and slugs so thought it was a bit of a funny combination to put on the SAL - although they look pretty friendly together don't they?

K x


  1. I love October in this series. That hedgehog is a sweet guy. And yes, you are right, at the times when we had a hedgehog in our garden we often heard it eat the snails. But these two understand each other quite well, it seems, lol.

  2. I think this October one has to be one of my favorites. You are doing awesome with this SAL