Monday, 12 December 2016

I've had some things framed!

As soon as I finished my SAL I took it to be framed along with some other projects that had been  completed and never framed.... Here they all are - I'm really pleased with them.  So in no particular order....

This Bothy Threads Row of Dogs has been done for a few years as well, note the dog fourth from the right has been changed to Barney which is our little dog - I wanted to personalise it.  This one is in the downstairs hall.

This one is going to our lovely Mummy Sue - Sue lost her dear hubby Keith to dementia earlier in the year and whilst this project has been done a while when I was going through the ones for framing I thought it would be a lovely one to give her for Christmas.  I am sure she will be thrilled. Sue is like a Mum to Phillip and I and we love her to bits.

And finally drum roll..... the SAL - I didn't take a picture of it myself as it was wrapped up ready to go to my friend's house.  This is Hilda her Mum's bedroom who is coming from South Africa to live with them on the 1st of January, having been widowed in terrible circumstances.  I have been Wats apping pictures of the SAL to Hilda as it's been progressing but she doesn't know it's for her and the last couple of months I haven't shown her so will be a bit of a surprise. I wanted her to have it as I think it's a good reminder that life does go on - even after something awful has happened. 

It was a costly little number having them all framed and I do have a cut thru lighthouse and camper van to be done and a gorgeous Time with Friends Forever Friends one but I will leave them for a bit to let the purse recover!


  1. the completed SAL is beautiful And a perfect gift. Love the row of dogs, great idea to replace the name all your finishes are lovely

  2. They look amazing framed and what a lovely gift - you are always so kind and thoughtful x

    1. Thank you Linda, that's so kind of you x

  3. These are wonderful finishes and they all look gorgeous in their frames. I particularly love the Joyful World SAL, which looks so good all finished up and framed. A great gift.