Thursday, 5 January 2017

A Little bit ashamed.....

Hansons the delicious fabric and wool shop at Sturminster Newton and one of my January indulgences (due to their super January sale) was in the front of my mind last night as I was writing my diary in bed and having read a bit more of Tilly Walnes Book - I was imagining all sorts of new projects and fabric.... then I thought it would be a good idea to go and have a look at what I did have in my fabric cupboard...THAT'S when I got just a little bit ashamed !

There was a selection of several different types of fabric which will do for a lot of the projects I have in mind and I felt so bad that I had gaily (in my head) decided on buying a whole heap of new stuff without even looking at what I already had.

I spent a very happy half an hour sorting through all the fabric - there are at least six, possibly 8 pieces of fabric I have bought in the past for clothes making that have not seen the light of day and with the exception of one piece which is clearly labelled "not yet washed" the rest are all ready to go.

There was also a whole pile of fat quarters for quilting which I lovingly folded and added to the basket with the rest of the fabric in for quilting.

This has really focused me with ideas and I am buzzing to get started - clothes and quilts whizzing round in my head!

After I had calmed down and put everything away again I started to think seriously about I want to do.  As you will know from previous postings I made my own blouse - although I didn't really like the style that much when it was finished I enjoyed the course very much.  I have just purchased the Tilly and the Buttons on line course for the Button Down Shirt and Dress which  comes with the Rosa pattern - 30% off at the minute,so that's on my list, as are some pyjamas from her book and a whole host of other things.  I am also twitching to make a quilt, I have a bear paw one I started before Xmas which has to be finished first before a new quilt start.... so lots to do and lots of things to look forward to.

K x


  1. Loved reading about your blouse - my mom was a great sewer, but it is not my thing - but I love watching others making their own clothes. Here is to a great 2017 with lots of projects