Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Just in time for the cold weather !

I spotted this hat design on line and my lovely sister found me the pattern.  It was easy enough to knit as you start to knit the rows of pattern of the hat first and then the tricky bit comes picking up the fold over rib and knitting in a round.  Note to self, do not try knitting this on a lot of small length needles as the stitches come off - start as you mean to go on with a round needle (which I did half way through).  It was a whole thirty rows of the rib which was just round and round and round and round and round   I think you get the idea.

The pom pom was SUPER quick to make - let me introduce you to a fabulous Handimania blog   seriously it was done in minutes !

I only had two options for the photo 1. get my dear hubby to photograph me in said hat which would have meant dragging him away from his TV show, or 2. plant hat on said husband's head and take photo with reluctant and slightly bemused expression - the latter obviously took place!

In my usual style I have enough wool (all be it in a different colour) to make another which I may well do as rather pleased with this one.  I do actually have enough knitted hats (and scarves) to wear a different one every day of the week and more but hey ho, it keeps me out of mischief.

I have an order from a friend to make a Fisherman's cowl for her which I have the wool on order for so that will be next.

Please note these are projects for in front of the TV and not as a cop out of the sewing new years resolution.

On the sewing front the jersey top is almost there so that will be my next posting!

K x 


  1. The hat looks great - I am picking back up my needles again - starting with a few doll clothes for my grandbaby. You never can have to many knitted hats. I love to do any sort of things with needles - they keep me from eating.

    1. I agree with you - I am not a great television watcher so I have to be doing something and if I wasn't I would probably eat !

  2. Oh my, this hat looks absolutely great. And perfect for cold winter days.