Wednesday, 4 January 2017

New Year Plans

I wasn't going to write a diary this year until I realised how much I missed doing it over the last couple of days - so I went and bought one yesterday and filled in the last few days.  

It got me thinking..... what do I want to achieve this year..... I kind of know what I don't want to do which is anymore cross stitch.  I loved the SAL last year but it took up too much time and I became totally obsessed with it so that is a big NO on my list this year.  I do have my Bothy Threads sewing room sampler that I take on holiday with me if I feel the need to stitch.  

I also don't want to get too embroiled with any knitting.  As you know I finished the knitted dog and have enough to do another one if the urge takes me and I have a hat on the go which is nearly done - although why I am knitting hats when I have loads of them I have no idea.  

So what do I want to achieve - MAKING MY OWN CLOTHES!

I made the Tilly and the Buttons Cleo during the run up to Xmas, I bought the kit (which included the pattern and the fabric) made it and have worn it - it's in the same colour as this photo the difference is I top stitched in a pink and I put the lower pockets on as well - Tilly encourages people to put their own mark on things.  I will get a photo next time I am in it but at the moment it's a bit chilly so am in jeans and jumpers!

One of the things I really liked what that it didn't have to have to be really fitted so it is manageable to achieve and quite honestly even a beginner could run this cheeky number up.  There is no zip and the clips literally attach without any sewing.  I really enjoyed it and I am sure I will be making more in the future maybe with different fabrics!

One of my resolutions was to read at least two pages of a sewing book from my collection every night before going on to my fiction.  Currently I am re-reading Tilly's book "Love at First Stitch" and there are a few projects in there I'm going to try.

I have just signed up for Tilly's on line class learn how to sew knits complete with Agnes sewing pattern. The pattern hasn't arrived yet but there are other things I want to get on with in the meantime.  I want to set myself a goal of achieving one hand sewn clothing item a month - whether this is achievable I don't know but they won't all be massive, but it would be great to actually look back at the end of the year and have achieved some of them.  I have in the past made a few items - making them isn't really the issue, it's getting a good fit but thanks to my Craftsy classes I am getting to grips with some of the fitting issues!  (The Palmer Pletsch fitting courses are amazing)

So lots of using my Craftsy courses, my reference books, making and finishing and most importantly FUN ! For ages I kept saying to myself oh I'll wait until I loose weight until I do that or I don't think I can manage that - now I'm determined to push that aside and make some clothes!

Finally I know my blog is a smidge bit boring and I don't blog very often - so what I do blog I want to be interesting to others and a record of my achievements - so hopefully some more photos of action shots throughout, more description and a bit more umph !

Bring it ON !


  1. Why not change the crafting direction when you feel that you are done with the "old" craft. I have seen many of my stitchy friends doing so over the years.
    Good luck with your sewing plans.

    1. Thank you Brigitte, I have been limping along with the sewing for a few years now, doing quilts etc, but I have limited spare time so if I don't distract myself with cross stitch and focus I should make progress K x

  2. I am sure you will achieve plenty Karen, enjoy the time you do have doing what you want rather than what you feel you should be doing. Not sure if you got my e-mailin response to grandchild number eight.