Monday, 16 January 2017

Sewing Update

So the Tilly and the Buttons Jersey top is finished - really enjoyed the course and even a complete beginner could follow it.  However - I am also following a course on Craftsy which is fitting knits by Patsy Palmer which shows you how to really fit knits.  I did not use their method for this top BUT would in the future I think.  I have a couple of fairly big boobies assets which really need to be taken into consideration a bit more.  I really would like to get to grips with this type of sewing as my T shirts are never a good fit and quite honestly I look like a sack of potatoes in them.

Here I am all cut out and ready to start sewing the pieces together, as you can see there aren't a lot of pieces to worry about - first time cutting out jersey which didn't go too badly.  I used a fair few pins and then a rotary cutter which seemed to be easier than scissors.
The neck didn't go too badly - you can stretch it out too much and it gapes a bit and on fitting I found I had a bit of a gape on the rear - I got around this by threading some elastic cotton into the seam from shoulder to shoulder - you just draw it up as you need to and knot off.  It doesn't then lay flat when it's off the body but lays nicely on the body.  Note to self be a little bit more careful next time and maybe reduce the neck piece a bit more to compensate.

The hem was a bit tricky - it is prone to stretching too and I did make a boo boo - I over locked and did not change the differential feed so it stretched it out.  To get around this I just readjusted the side seams after the event.

And here I am (slippers and all) in said top!  I wish he had used "beauty face" on the camera LOL!

All in all not too shabby a job and I'm pleased with it.  I am already on the next project which is another pinafore dress using this material from my stash.

Despite my prior posts there is a girly trip planned to Hansons this Saturday as they have another 20% extra off their sale prices - too good to miss and I am sure it will involve coffee and cake !


  1. You certainly don't need the beauty face you look fabulous, what a great job you have done with your t-shirt. Enjoy your shopping trip. X

  2. WOW!! That top looks great - and it fits your perfectly. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you Melinda - that's so kind.

  3. Your t-shirt top looks so good. You were doing a great job.